Always Protect You On The Road

Ford Ranger is equipped with a safety system that can always protect the driver's driving safety. When a critical situation occurs, it intuitively and quickly provides the best auxiliary response, and can enjoy a five-star level of peace of mind whenever and wherever possible.

Standard equipped with 7 Airbags

Includes dual front, side, curtain and driver's knee

Rear View Camera with Reverse Sensing System

Put the vehicle in reverse and the standard Rear View Camera automatically displays the images of what's behind your vehicle as you're slowly backing up.

Roll Stability Control (RSC)*

The system automatically employs its two gyroscopic sensors to measure vehicle roll and turning rates, and then selectively applies individual brakes and modifies engine power to help keep all wheels firmly planted. And it all happens instantaneously. (*Raptor exclusive feature)

Pre-Collision Assist and Active Braking (PCA)

Pre-Collision Assist is designed to monitor your proximity to other vehicles and can alert you to a potential collision. If you don't respond to the warning signals, Active Braking pre-charges the braking system for enhanced effectiveness when you brake. If it determines a collision may occur, Active Braking will automatically apply the brakes to help reduce the impact of frontal collisions.

Lane Keeping System (LKS)

The system can alert you to unintentional land drifting. It consists of 2 modes: Lane Keeping Alert warns you through a series of steering wheel vibrations while Lane Keeping Assist applies steering torque to help you direct your vehicle back to the centre of the lane.

Hill Decent Control (HDC)

Ranger 4x4’s Hill Descent Control is designed to automatically apply braking, as needed, to slow the vehicle to a set speed in off-road downhill conditions. Speed can be adjusted through the accelerator or the Cruise Control buttons on steering wheel.

Traction Control System (TCS)

Traction Control is designed to reduce excessive wheelspin and improves grip by constantly monitoring and adjusting the torque delivered to individual wheels.

Hill Launch Assist (HLA)

The sensors measure the longitudinal incline of the slope. If your car is on an incline that could cause it to roll, Hill Launch Assist automatically activates. When you take your foot off the brake to put it on the accelerator, the system holds the brake pressure for up to 3 seconds to give you time to press the accelerator.

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